Green Way Interiors is an environmentally conscious manufacturing studio with a creative approach to industrial design, interiors and architecture.

What We Do


We offer professional design, fabrication and installation. Simply put, we make things and transform peopleʼs dream interior visions into reality. And if people need help and advice with their vision, we provide that too. From fitted kitchens and cupboards to bespoke furniture and wine cellars, flat pack furniture to designer lamps.

Our Services

We provide the full monty, from site evaluation and design through to material sourcing, manufacturing, delivery and installation. We pride ourselves on attention to detail and providing original, innovative solutions that answer the specific needs of each client. Quality service is a keystone of our success – if need be, we will return to a site several times until the client is completely satisfied with the end results. In a nutshell, if our clients are happy, weʼre happy.

The Team


Green is more than just a word for us. We are passionate about sustainability. We buy from suppliers who source their timber from sustainably managed forests. We also get timber from demolition yards or building sites under renovation. Besides for the green factor in reclaimed timber, thereʼs also the undeniable benefit of its unique aesthetic character. We adopt a no waste policy, using materials and resources as efficiently as possible by applying our experience of spatial planning and ensuring good communication between contractors. All of our timber off-cuts go to people who can use it for firewood or building and fixing their homes.

Weʼre huge on recycling and have bins for metal, plastics, paper, glass, organic material, and electrical components. We even bring waste from home to get recycled and ask our staff to do the same, because we want each and every member of our team to live our environmentally conscious ethos. Since we started, itʼs been our vision to keep reinvesting in the business to create a completely sustainable operation. Some of the aspects required for this sort of set up, such as drawing water and power from the elements, are unfortunately not currently possible due to spatial constraints and the fact that we do not yet own our own property. So, for now, we do everything we can to live our vision and work towards our green dream.

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